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We are proud to be a menber if ILGA

coloured ripplies of water like the corner of a setting sun on the sea.

This painting is now our symbol.  Painted by Mary Moon, it represents our ever-changing diversity,  sometimes stormy, sometimes calm, we are  all mixed together to make a beautiful painting in God's image 

Rainbow people logo - Made in God's image

This symbol, made by Fionnaigh, so aptly describes that we are all made in God's image no matter what our sexuality.

GalaXies is a Christian-ish spiritual community for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people, and our mates! 

Our spiritual core is what we have found to be of value, affirming, truthful and fun. In enjoying ourselves, seeking, interpreting God freshly, we embrace the diversity of other spiritual paths. 

Our Sunday evening services are a relaxed journey, creative, rewarding, renewing, casual, beyond ourselves. We are all learning ...

Children with gay parents are happierand heathier!!

(July 2013) Children with gay parents are happier and healthier than kids from the average family, new research shows.

The preliminary findings from the Australian study contradict stereotypes that a family without an obvious dad or mum would harm the children, said lead researcher Dr Simon Crouch

He said there were a lot of strongly-held beliefs about what a family was, and if people saw something missing then they thought there must be a problem.

"Our research does not support this. There are a lot of same sex families where there isn’t a mother figure or there isn’t a father figure and we find that the children are doing really well," he said.

Crouch, who is himself a gay man with four-year-old twin boys, ran the world’s largest study on homosexual families at the University of Melbourne.

The Australian Study of Child Health in Same-Sex Families collected data on the physical, mental and social well being of 500 children aged 5 to 17, from 315 gay, lesbian and bisexual parents.

Eighty per cent of the parents who completed the questionnaire on child health were women.

The interim results found that children from same sex couples showed no statistical difference to the rest of the population in physical and mental health, their interaction with others, and their relationship with their parents.

But children from same sex couples scored significantly higher than the national average on measures of general health and family cohesion.

Local lesbian mum, comedian Urzila Carlson, says it is common sense - the most important element to a good family is love.

She and partner Julie have just had their first child, and she believes as long as their daughter is raised in a family with love, the lack of a father figure didn't matter.

"Are you happy, healthy, warm, having breakfast before you go to school? Stuff like that should matter," Carlson said.

Social perceptions on what made a family successful were always a slow to catch up to reality, she said.

"If you look back in the 80s people were saying if those parents got divorced those kids are not going to be ok. As long as both parents love you, it doesn't matter, you will turn out alright," she said.

However, the study found that children of same-sex couples are likely to face discrimination because of their parents sexual orientation. The interim results do not analyse the effects of discrimination but will be part of the study's greater findings.

"One of our hypotheses is that this experience of discrimination does have an impact on child health and well being," Crouch said.

The study was prompted when Crouch found politicians on both sides of the debate on gay adoption and marriage believed the best way to raise a child is in a traditional family with a biological mother and a biological father.

During New Zealand’s parliamentary debate about the Marriage Amendment Act, Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman voted against the bill because he believed an ideal family had a mother and a father.

"There wasn't a lot to support what they were saying and contrary to what they were saying there were issues that needed to be resolved," Crouch said.

- Fairfax NZ News

British aid could be linked to gay rights!

"Britain will consider withholding aid from countries that do not recognise gay rights", Prime Minister David Cameron said, after Commonwealth leaders failed to adopt reforms on the issue.

"Britain is now one of the premier aid givers in the world. We want to see countries that receive our aid adhering to proper human rights, and that includes how people treat gay and lesbian people," Cameron told the BBC.

He added: "British aid should have more strings attached, in terms of do you persecute people for their faith or their Christianity, or do you persecute people for their sexuality. We don't think that's acceptable."

Cameron was speaking at the end of a Commonwealth leaders' summit in Perth, western Australia, which failed to adopt a recommendation to call for an end to homophobic laws in 41 member nations.

He insisted the issue of gay rights had been discussed at the summit and he had personally raised it with "a number of the African countries that I've been speaking with," although he would not say which ones.

"We've been raising the issue consistently, we've been raising it here at this Commonwealth heads of government (summit)," he said.

However, Cameron said change would not happen overnight, saying: "They are in a different place from us on this issue. ... I think these countries are all on a journey and it's up to us to try and help them along on that journey."

British aid could be linked to gay rights  (NZ Herald)

GalaXies is an incorporated society. See our objectives.

GalaXies provides:

Meetings:  We meet on the fourth Sunday of the month
                 St. Andrew's on The Terrace (Upstairs Common Room)
                 30 The Terrace, Wellington
Time:        17:30 starting with a shared meal. cafe style.

To get in touch with GalaXies, see contacts.

You’re concerned about what the Bible says or what some people think it says? See our list of helpful websites for commentaries which are based on the historical/critical method of interpreting the Bible.

Our Objectives

The objectives are:

  1. To provide affirming worship for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered/transexals, their families and friends.
  2. To provide worship which is inclusive of all who wish to nurture and develop their spirituality.
  3. To provide opportunities for our members and friends to explore faith is a relaxed, friendly and informal setting.
  4. To foster support for GLBT people in and beyond Wellington.

Who are we?

We are an ecumenical Christian(ish) congregation comprised primarily of lesbians and gay men. We are committed to the priesthood of all believers, and our services are led from within the group.

We recognise common ground between Christianity and other spiritualities and their different approaches.  We are non-judgemantal and open in theology and enjoy exploring the good in other paths.

Inclusive language, concepts and stories

Becasue of the history of homophobia in society and the Church's negative attitude to homosexuality, lesbians and gay men experience a range of difficult problems in personal and spiritual development.

A few churches are beginning to appreciate the hetrosexual bias in the language, concepts and stories used in worship.  For the most part, however, appropriate affirmation and spiritual nourishment are lacking.

The services offfered by Galaxies attempt to meet this need and are developing content and forms of worship which might be used by churches as they become more inclusive.

They are also providing an outreach to gay men and lesbians of no church background who wish to develop their spirituality and find a way to affirm values in their lives.

Spirituality - Growing towards potential being.

For this Galaxies offers:

  • A focus on values, on God.
  • A community in which to find meaning, claim authority, express gay and lesbian culture.
  • Liturgy for the expression and celebration of values.
  • Workshops for spiritual development.