General Lesbian and Gay Christian Resources

Resources for Gay Christians - very useful information here.
A general list of Gay and Lesbian related WWW links [from The Other Side Magazine]
Includes denominational organisations e.g. Dignity, Integrity, More Light Presbyterians; Resource pages e.g. L/G/B/T Catholic Handbook; Evangelical sites e.g. The Evangelical Network; Youth/Young Adult Resources e.g. Queer Young Christians; General Spirituality sites e.g. Other Sheep, Gay Theological Journal; Secular Family Resources e.g. Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG); Secular Advocacy Resources e.g. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF).
InsideOUT ... "is a personal coaching service supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals to realise power, capability and potential in any aspect of our lives."

General Liberal Christian Resources

Spirited Exchanges (New Zealand)

  is an umbrella name for a variety of initiatives.

It grows from a recognition of the fact that many people of all ages are struggling with issues related to faith and the church.

  • some have been abused in a controlling church culture
  • some want freedom to explore the questions without being told the answers
  • some have had life experiences that cause them to doubt God
  • some are hurting, some are angry, some are bored
  • some are deeply hungry for more spiritual reality.

For all sorts of reasons, people are leaving the church.

Some leave their faith behind as well, a number even find a stronger, more mature faith outside the church.

 Spirited Exchanges

  • doesn’t try to convert people
  • doesn’t try to lure people back into a church fellowship
  • doesn’t try to ‘fix’ th problems.
  • Lets God defend God.

Spirited Exchanges

  • facilitates existing groups for people to process the issues and discuss the questions
  • helps new groups get started
  • offers resources, particularly in the area of faith development
  • listens to stories
  • puts out a newsletter with topics of interest to those struggling with these concerns
  • sometimes holds seminars or workshops


United Kingdon Spirited Exchanges.

General Liberal Ecumenical  Resources

The Sea of Faith

The Sea of Faith is a religious/philosophical group spanning the positions of liberal religion and religious humanism whose aim is to explore and promote religious faith as a human creation. It started in the United Kingdom in the 1980s in response to theologian Don Cupitt's eponymous book and television series. There are now organisations in Australia and New Zealand in addition to the UK.

Ephesus - Wellington

Ephesus is the name of a group which is exploring new ways of understanding Christian faith in the increasingly secular world of New Zealand in the new millennium.
Ephesus is a process - open, questioning, supportive, sharing.
Ephesus welcomes anyone, linked with a church or not, who is prepared to share in its search.

The Bible and Sexuality


Texts of Terror

Dr Rembert S. Truluck's comments on the six Bible passages used to condemn same sex relationships.

For a Laugh

A brilliantly funny site for all liberal Christians who don't take themselves too seriously.

Gay news and websites in general

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wellington.lesbian.net.nz Wellington Lesbian Net

Links to Peace groups

Operation Peace through Unity
Creating a culture of Peace
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