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GalaXies is a Christian-ish spiritual community for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people, and our mates!
Our spiritual core is what we have found to be of value, affirming, truthful and fun. In enjoying ourselves, seeking, interpreting God freshly, we embrace the diversity of other spiritual paths.
This painting is now our symbol.  Painted by Mary Moon, it represents our ever-changing diversity,  sometimes stormy, sometimes calm, we are  all mixed together to make a beautiful painting in God's image
Our Sunday evening services are a relaxed journey, creative, rewarding, renewing, casual, beyond ourselves. We are all learning ...
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GalaXies is an incorporated society. See our objectives.
GalaXies provides:
This symbol, made by Fionnaigh, so aptly describes that we are all made in God's image no matter what our sexuality.
Meetings:  We meet on the fourth Sunday of the month
                 St. Andrew's on The Terrace (Upstairs Rainbow Room - how appropriate!!)
                 30 The Terrace, Wellington
Time:        17:30 starting with a shared (pot luck) meal. cafe style.
To get in touch with GalaXies, see contacts.
You’re concerned about what the Bible says or what some people think it says? See our list of helpful websites for commentaries which are based on the historical/critical method of interpreting the Bible.

Our Objectives

The objectives are:
  1. To provide affirming worship for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered/transexals, their families and friends.
  2. To provide worship which is inclusive of all who wish to nurture and develop their spirituality.
  3. To provide opportunities for our members and friends to explore faith is a relaxed, friendly and informal setting.
  4. To foster support for GLBT people in and beyond Wellington.

Who are we?

We are an ecumenical Christian(ish) congregation comprised primarily of lesbians and gay men. We are committed to the priesthood of all believers, and our services are led from within the group.
We recognise common ground between Christianity and other spiritualities and their different approaches.  We are non-judgemantal and open in theology and enjoy exploring the good in other paths.

Inclusive language, concepts and stories

Becasue of the history of homophobia in society and the Church's negative attitude to homosexuality, lesbians and gay men experience a range of difficult problems in personal and spiritual development.
A few churches are beginning to appreciate the hetrosexual bias in the language, concepts and stories used in worship.  For the most part, however, appropriate affirmation and spiritual nourishment are lacking.
The services offfered by Galaxies attempt to meet this need and are developing content and forms of worship which might be used by churches as they become more inclusive.
They are also providing an outreach to gay men and lesbians of no church background who wish to develop their spirituality and find a way to affirm values in their lives.

Spirituality - Growing towards potential being.

For this Galaxies offers:
  • A focus on our highest values, .
  • A community in which to find meaning, claim authority, express gay and lesbian culture.
  • Liturgy for the expression and celebration of our values.
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